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Bodyguard Education

Become a certified bodyguard in just 28 days

Our training programs are designed for men and women who want to become a professional bodyguard as an occupation. It doesn't matter if you have a background in the military, police or are simply enthusiastic and have a talent for the bodyguard profession. We’ll teach you the steps to become a great bodyguard.

After you finish this course you will have the basic skills to work as an international bodyguard anywhere in the world.

An instructor with long and varied experience

Our main instructor, Mr Hassan Sidi Baba from Sweden, has more then 35 years experience in the bodyguard branch. He is a former U.S. Army solider who later became a successful bodyguard.

Today he is still an active working bodyguard, but also an excellent, enthusiastic instructor who thoroughly enjoys teaching and training others.

In 28 intensive days we will teach you combat fighting, shooting, self-defence, tactical training, planning and survival-techniques. It will be a serious month of hardship, difficulties and challenges, but also of fun and collegiality, lending you a new perspective on life as a bodyguard.

This course will train you to be a competent bodyguard who can confidently assist and protect other people.

We offer you a 28 day all inclusive package

Our courses include everything for a maximum experience and to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the training.

Upon arrival in Thailand, we meet and greet you with a taxi and take you to your accommodation in Pattaya, just one hour from Bangkok Airport.

You will stay in a new, modern first class service apartment right in the centre of Pattaya. Every person will have his own, personal accommodation (no shared rooms). The accommodation also has a swimming pool, gym and relaxation area.

Next to your accommodation you’ll also find a large, newly opened gym that’s open 24 hours a day and you’ll also get a gym card. We will also provide you with exercise clothes and gear that you’ll wear during training.

We make sure you never go hungry and include 3 meals a day.

The training includes exercise shooting that will take place on Thailand's largest indoor shooting range, which just recently opened.

During the training, there will be practical sessions in realistic environments.

In conclusion, we will have tests covering all you’ve learned and a certificate will be awarded after the training is completed.

350 000 THB • 450 000 THB

50 000 THB - Booking fee
300 000 THB - 20 days before start
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